Two online training centers launched to provide both paid and free professional development resources for healthcare technology management professionals have been updated with additional content.

Pacific Medical, which in September launched a series of free online instructional videos called PAC FAQ, has posted additional episodes. In addition to the first installment, addressing how to assign a Philips M4841A telemetry device, the site now offers short videos on how to locate software on a Philips M3001A module and how to locate the software revision and options on a Philips MP series IntelliVue monitor.

Block Imaging, which in May launched an online training center aimed at biomeds and service engineers, has also added new courses to its library. According to the company, the courses include brief video segments followed by online testing and certification. Following the debut video on radiation safety training, options now include paid courses in service and repair of DEXA preventive maintenance, bloodborne pathogen training, and OEC C-arm service training.

For more information, visit Pacific Medical and Block Imaging.