On May 20, Spacelabs Healthcare, Snoqualmie, Wash,  announced the release of its advanced alarm management software called Assurance. The new software is designed to provide clinicians with new tools to manage alarms and parameters from the bedside monitor.

“We not only want to make alarms fewer but also more clinically important,” said Nicholas Ong, Spacelabs president. “With Assurance, providers can rest assured they know what is going on with their patients even when they can’t physically be there.”

Assurance was designed to combat alarm fatigue by bringing the robust capabilities of full-disclosure to the bedside with 30-second event review. It also helps prioritize alarms, making it easier to attend to high priority ones, and reduces noise in the hospital environment.

Assurance is available for XPREZZON, qube and select UVSL monitors. For more details, visit the Spacelabs website.