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Networking: Ultra High Definition Technology

The advent of ultra high definition technology will have multiple payoffs in healthcare, including better screens for diagnostic imaging and central patient monitoring stations. Networking columnist Jeff Kabachinski reveals the key technical details behind UHD.

Why FHIR Is on Fire

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR, pronounced “fire”) is a draft standard that Health Level Seven International published in February 2014—and it’s attractive because it’s based on a truly modern web services approach, says networking aficionado Arleen Thukral. Here, she shares why FHIR is on fire.

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Medical Device Integration Considerations

It’s well-known that medical devices provide clinicians with real-time statuses of patients’ conditions, including their vital signs—data that is critical for treatment and, subsequently, patient safety. In this Networking column, IT aficionado Arleen Thukral discusses key things to consider when integrating medical devices.

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