With the release of new device drivers that enable integration and interoperability, the Philips Capsule Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP) has integrated with more than 1,000 unique medical device models, according to Royal Philips, a global health technology company.

Philips Capsule MDIP, which will be integrated into Philips HealthSuite Platform, has been installed in more than 3,000 healthcare facilities globally, according to the company. The platform captures streaming clinical data and presents it in context for patient care management, with an aim to improve collaboration between care teams, streamline clinical workflows, and increase productivity.

Since the early 2021 acquisition of Capsule Technologies, Philips continues to expand its medical device connectivity by adding device drivers to the enterprise device-integration platform. These device drivers enable Philips Capsule MDIP to interface with a variety of medical devices and access their data, which means that customers can connect more devices and systems. Drivers are developed in collaboration with device manufacturer partners as well as at the request of individual hospitals and health systems.

“The 1,000-plus device connectivity milestone serves as testament to Philips Capsule MDIP’s capabilities that support the data digitalization needs of today’s healthcare providers,” says Elad Benjamin, general manager of clinical data services at Philips. “We are proud to continually work with our customers to enable more hospitals and systems to experience the benefits of medical device data integration.”

According to the company, the vendor-neutral Philips Capsule MDIP serves as a comprehensive, scalable alternative to customized medical device integration (MDI) solutions, which can be costly and be limited to a smaller range of technologies and suppliers. Philips Capsule MDIP helps providers use device data for electronic health record documentation, clinical surveillance, decision support, and research.

Featured image: A care provider checks on a young patient.