Designed to integrate with CPACS/CVIS, NovaCardio ECG software enables digital ECG reading, annotation, manipulation, storage, and easy reporting. The combined cardiology solution from Novarad supports echocardiogram, vascular ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and cardiac catheterization modalities.

According to Novarad, the software improves efficiencies with functionality including altering machine-generated diagnostic text as needed, automated movement to the next study, and auto sign, save, and distribute.

NovaCardio ECG supports all DICOM ECG outputs from 12- and 15-lead carts and bedside devices. For those not providing native DICOM, Novarad utilizes middleware to convert and import studies into NovaCardio.

Report-building tools speeds and simplifies report creation and turnaround, billing, lab inventory management, scheduling, accreditation assistance and provides sophisticated administrator dashboards for real time evaluation of lab workflow.