Capsule, a medical device integration solutions provider, has announced that Baptist Health in Louisville, Ky, will implement its Capsule SmartLinx medical device information system across seven facilities. The SmartLinx system will integrate medical device data from ICUs, med-surg, emergency departments, operating rooms, and pre-op and post-anesthesia care units with the network’s Epic electronic medical record system.

The SmartLinx system is a vendor-neutral data management platform designed to unite medical devices across a healthcare enterprise into a single system. According to the company, the system can streamline clinical workflow and integrates with other systems such as clinician decision support, alarm management, and asset management systems in order to help inform clinical and operational decisions. The tool is designed to help clinicians recognize instances of rapid patient physiological deterioration and to assist IT and clinical engineering with managing and monitoring medical devices across an enterprise.

“Timely and accurate data are imperative for high acuity areas that require continuous monitoring and close surveillance of a patient’s condition,” said Paul Buttes, RN, inpatient clinical director of integrated EHR solutions for Baptist Health.

For more information, visit the Capsule website.