The Healthcare Technology Management Association of South Carolina (HTMA-SC) has finalized the agenda for its 1-day annual conference on May 1. In addition to a lunchtime keynote address by Manny Roman of the Imaging Community Exchange, the event will feature nine educational sessions as well as a vendor exhibit.

The morning sessions will be “Troubleshooting Patient Lifts,” by Clint Gannaway of Guldmann; “Medical Device Information Systems,” by Jamie York and Gregory Howard of Capsule; and “LifePAK 20e,” by Michael Glover and Mary Ann Cotton of Physio-Control.

The six afternoon sessions will begin with “Compliance with NEMA XR 29,” by Paul Silberman of Toshiba; “Networking Medical Devices,” by Mike Papa of GE Healthcare, and “Troubleshooting Flex- & Rigid Scopes,” by Paul Mignone of US Medical Systems.

The day’s sessions will conclude with “Shimadzu Mobile Dart Portable X-ray system,” by Mike Mariani, Sr, and Brian Collins of CMS Imaging; “Wireless Networking,” by Steve Diehoff of GE Healthcare; and “Servicing Fetal Monitors,” by Gerrit Smit and Linton Brown of GE Healthcare.

The event will be held at the William L Yates Conference Center in Columbia, SC. For more information, visit the HTMA-SC website.