Segmentation company Guardicore is collaborating with Medigate—a device security and data platform for Internet of Health Things (IoHT)—as part of a commitment to help healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) fortify their security posture.

Guardicore—which is now part of Akami—is pairing its software-enabled micro-segmentation platform with Medigate’s IoHT-specialized security management platform, which is aimed at providing HDOs complete visibility and control over their IoHT environment to prevent ransomware attacks.  

“We’re committed to improving the security of healthcare IT networks, literally protecting patients’ lives during ransomware attacks,” says Sharon Besser, sr. director of corporate development at Akamai (and former SVP Business Development, Guardicore). “It’s difficult to secure healthcare networks because they are a complex maze of multi-vendor medical devices, applications, and highly sensitive data. IT and security leaders using Guardicore and Medigate can quickly build a complete asset inventory and apply granular control policies protecting critical assets, medical equipment and endpoints to ensure they are properly protected from cyberthreats at scale.” 

This integration enables Guardicore customers to draw device classification and risk score information from Medigate to eliminate unnecessary communication flows and reduce their attack surface. Limiting east-west traffic improves the HDO’s security posture and simplifies fulfilling compliance mandates detailed in Protected Health Information (PHI) security frameworks. The Guardicore solution also enables HDOs to ring-fence critical applications that traffic sensitive patient data automatically and on an as-needed basis.  

Key benefits of the joint solution include the limiting of lateral movement; enhanced device mapping;  deep insight; and real-time and historical views of data.

“Effective threat processing requires an intimate understanding of the HDO’s connected landscape. From a practical perspective, it also requires an effective breach containment strategy,” says Medigate Co-Founder Jonathan Langer. “For those very reasons, our integration with Guardicore’s segmentation platform is both timely and powerful.” 

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