Fujifilm Medical Systems has inked a strategic deal with Irvine, Calif.-based Renovo Solutions to offer Technology Management Solutions, which consist of multi-vendor service (MVS) options, for the maintenance and management of medical imaging and biomedical equipment. Renovo Solutions provides management solutions to help reduce costs, increase quality, and improve medical imaging, biomedical, and research equipment performance in facilities nationwide.

According to company officials, the alliance between Renovo and Fujifilm opens the option of customized service delivery solutions, including MVS, to Fujifilm customers—providing potential costs savings, maximizing equipment uptime, and ensuring Fujifilm equipment is maintained to optimal performance levels, while offering an MVS strategy for original equipment manufacturer service that can be tailored to specific customer needs.

“Fujifilm products and information technology solutions are an investment in the health of patients and healthcare practices alike,” says Martin Spence, vice president of service and support operations at Fujifilm Medical Systems.

“We want healthcare providers to select an option for maintenance that fits the needs of their bottom line, while ensuring that all Fujifilm products continue to meet OEM quality standards and stringent regulatory benchmarks, enabling the crucial work of patient care to go uninterrupted,” Spence adds.

For more information regarding this partnership, visit Fujifilm Medical Systems.