Chandler, Ariz.-based Clairvoyant LLC, and Longevity Labs announce the February 22 launch of their joint venture: Resolve. The new company will provide artificial intelligence (AI)-driven data intelligence solutions and consulting services for the healthcare industry.

The company’s mission is to empower the healthcare and pharma industry to know their enterprise data and actualize data for delivering improved outcomes. The company aims to launch and expand its project business and achieve a powerful customer base within the next five years.

“While the pandemic has created disruption across organizations, the healthcare industry is having to accelerate their move to digital as the primary way to operate. Data management and Data security have taken a defining role in operations and innovation for delivering results,” says Chandra Ambadipudi, CEO Clairvoyant LLC. “We believe that Resolve will be the perfect bridge for healthcare organizations to be able to not only drive efficiencies with data but also create outcomes that are truly impactful for the industry.”

In addition to providing technology consulting and services to the healthcare industry, Resolve will also offer a comprehensive suite of AI-driven technology solutions for data security, privacy, and regulatory compliances such as HIPAA and GDPR. The data intelligence platform from Resolve will enable organizations to know where their enterprise data resides and take proactive steps to manage, protect and gain more value from the sensitive and regulated data.

Resolve has plans for a global presence to strengthen its ability to service clients with enhanced and faster support. It will be investing a significant amount of effort and resources in reaching out to customers in the Americas, Europe, and South Asia.