In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Joint Commission paused most onsite surveys and reviews last year from March 16-May 31. During that time, processes were developed for conducting offsite (formally called “virtual”) events.

As of Dec. 31, The Joint Commission had conducted more than 1,200 offsite surveys and reviews across all accreditation and certification programs. Recently, The Joint commission began sending a survey to organizations meeting offsite eligibility criteria to determine interest in participating in an offsite event, and more than 3,000 surveys have been distributed. Organizations eligible for an offsite event will be directly contacted and notified of their eligibility.

Currently, not all programs or organizations are eligible for an offsite event. For example, some states have restrictions on allowable offsite processes. As the pandemic has progressed, however, so has the eligibility criteria. Offsite events are conducted for eligible organizations located in counties at higher risk of COVID-19 transmission. However, if an organization is in a county determined to be at a lower risk of transmission, an onsite survey or review may still be scheduled if program-specific criteria are met.

If an organization meets criteria for an offsite survey or review, it will be contacted by another outreach method (email or phone call) by a member of The Joint Commission’s staff. After this initial outreach, a test of required technology will be scheduled. If an organization has not yet been contacted, it is likely because the organization is not currently eligible for this type of event.

Please note: Organizations with overdue survey and/or review events due to the pandemic may be prioritized over organizations with upcoming events. Questions may be directed to an organization’s designated account executive.

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