To ensure imaging systems are operating safely and at optimum performance with appropriate and preventative maintenance, Toshiba America Medical Systems has introduced a customized PM Only service agreement to customers. The agreement allows providers to fulfill and document that they are compliant with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services directive and The Joint Commission’s (TJC) guidelines of ensuring all imaging equipment meets manufacturers’ specifications.

Toshiba’s PM Only service agreement provides ongoing preventative maintenance and service of all imaging equipment according to specifications designated by the manufacturer. A completed PM checklist for each diagnostic imaging system records all PM inspections, enabling healthcare providers to validate compliance with the CMS directive and/or TJC, if requested. Healthcare providers unable to show they are meeting these specifications may be penalized—including cuts in reimbursement.

“We listened to our customers’ needs and in response created a simple solution to verify that healthcare providers are being compliant with this directive,” says Tim Peeler, vice president of the service business unit at Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. “The PM Only service agreement also benefits providers by reducing unnecessary system downtime and ensuring equipment is operating safely and effectively.”

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