Indianapolis-based TRIMEDX announced the acquisition of Centurion Service Group, a full-service surplus medical equipment management company, to expand its clinical asset management offering. TRIMEDX says the added capabilities of Centurion will allow its clients to gain maximum value from their excess medical equipment through Centurion auction services, positively impacting operational expenses, maximizing resources to improve patient care, and optimizing clinical asset capital spend while also supporting environmental sustainability of dispositioned medical equipment.

TRIMEDX’s acquisition of Centurion Service Group will enhance TRIMEDX’s clinical asset management and informatics solutions, which currently include clinical asset benchmarks and TRIMEDX’s proprietary RUDR score, by leveraging Centurion’s proprietary medical equipment pricing data and adding a marketplace that enables clients to identify assets available for reallocation across all their sites of care or to ultimately sell excess medical equipment through an integrated e-commerce platform.

“COVID-19 has accelerated changes for our healthcare providers. They are adopting new models of care and increasingly need innovative partners that can adapt to support the needs of their business today and support future plans across all of their sites of care,” says TRIMEDX CEO Henry Hummel. “With the addition of Centurion, TRIMEDX clients can maximize the value they receive for excess medical equipment through worldwide auctions—freeing up space for immediate-need equipment—while Centurion clients will benefit from access to increased inventories of high-quality equipment and the trusted stamp of quality associated with TRIMEDX maintained medical equipment.”

“Our primary objective has always been to build a comprehensive, provider-centric medical equipment model,” says Centurion Service Group CEO Erik Tivin. “By joining forces with TRIMEDX, we continue to push this goal forward while effectively transforming the opportunities available across the industry and enabling Centurion to offer our current clients a broader set of value-added services, including an end-to-end ecosystem with greater inventory of high-quality, pre-owned medical equipment.”

Centurion Service Group will operate as a subsidiary of TRIMEDX, continuing the services, commercial offerings, and cadence of auctions that clients experience today.