ISS Solutions Inc. and Nuvolo recently announced a partnership that will offer healthcare technology management (HTM) programs access to ISS Solutions’ enterprise asset management (EAM) and HTM expertise to optimize their Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare software deployments, streamline workflows, and improve reporting and data analytics.

ISS Solutions provides clinical equipment maintenance and HTM support to approximately 300 sites nationwide and is the only Nuvolo partner with this level of HTM experience and knowledge, according to the company. “After optimizing Nuvolo’s workflows for years for our own clients, ISS Solutions Inc. can now provide services to any HTM organization looking for assistance to configure, implement, and optimize their own Nuvolo instance,” says Barbara Maguire, vice president of HTM at ISS Solutions.

ISS Solutions can assist in configuring any Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare CMMS to meet the needs of technicians, managers, support teams, and leadership, while ensuring the organization has the data to meet regulatory requirements and manage its HTM operations. Among the services it offers, ISS Solutions can support organizations with:

  • Data clean-up and standardization
  • Balancing preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Streamlining CMMS data entry requirements through automated workflows, including receiving and completing service requests and managing work orders and data.
  • Automating the process of ordering parts and vendor services.
  • Managing service contracts.
  • Creating customized reports to meet the specific needs of your team and organization.