Eitan Medical has launched Avoset, a connected infusion multi-therapy ambulatory infusion system. The connected Avoset Infusion System is designed to transform post-acute care and specialty infusion therapy with compact and simplified technology that can monitor infusion treatment data remotely, aiming to enhance patient safety and improve the user experience.

The Avoset Infusion Platform complements the Sapphire Infusion portfolio and is especially well positioned to address infusion needs for therapies which require secure medication reservoirs and long battery life at low flow rates.

The Avoset Infusion Pump is MDR certified and is currently available in selected European countries. Eitan Medical is looking forward to rolling out Avoset on an international scale in 2023.

“The recent spinout of Eitan Medical’s Sorrel wearable injection device business allows Eitan Medical to focus on its core connected infusion system solutions,” says Shaul Eitan, GM and president of Eitan Medical, Medication Delivery Solutions. “The launch of Avoset will transform infusion therapy in alternate sites and is not only a triumph of innovation and technology, but also a testament to the dedication of Eitan Medical in providing the best possible care for patients. It is a moment of excitement and hope, as we look forward to the transformative impact these solutions will have on the lives of many patients and caregivers around the world.”

Chief Commercial Officer Roger Massengale adds, “We are thrilled to launch the Avoset Infusion Platform, an innovative connected ambulatory infusion pump that will transform the way patients receive treatment in post-acute care. We are confident that this new infusion pump will make a positive impact on the lives of patients and their caregivers, providing them with the freedom and flexibility to manage their treatment from the comfort of their own homes. This confirms that Eitan Medical is set for sustainable growth with a focus on a strong innovation roadmap that will redefine the drug delivery market.”