EQ2, LLC—a provider of CMMS software for hospital asset management—announced four new products as part of its “next generation” product releases of its Hospital Equipment Management System (HEMS) CMMS products.

The new “HEMS Web,” “Project Management,” “HEMS Request,” solutions as well as an AutoDesk App were announced ahead of the company’s exhibit presence at the 2022 AAMI eXchange. The EQ2 HEMS CMMS software was developed for and is sold exclusively to hospitals for managing their medical and facility assets.

The perks of the company’s new product line include:


  • Provides an enhanced user experience
  • Significantly reduces the IT resource time needed at implementation time
  • Comprehensive Dashboard views
  • Convenient quick links to frequently used reports
  • Advanced search and filters for ease of finding item records

Project Management Module:

  • Create projects and associated task work orders
  • Assign each task work order to a worker or team of workers
  • Labor and parts costs can be tracked for each project

HEMS Request Mobile App:

  • A new mobile app (iOS or Android) enables users to submit work requests throughout the hospital.
  • Clinicians, nurses, or any other user in the hospital can submit work requests directly to the EQ2 HEMS Enterprise platform using this app on their phone
  • Barcode scanner on phone scans the control number of the affected item
  • Photographs can be attached to the request
  • Work request status updates and completions are automatically sent to the requester and department head
  • On closing a work order a quality survey is sent via e-mail to requesters

AutoDesk App:

  • Hospitals can now access their AutoCAD drawing files within HEMS.

The company’s “Cradle to Grave Asset Management Using Best Practices, Benchmarking, and Standardization,” case study will also be presented at the 2022 AAMI eXchange. Presenters will be Rich Sable (CBET), EQ2 HEMS product manager, and David Chambers (CBET), director of facilities for Los Angeles County Department of Health Services at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.