Charlotte, N.C.-based EQ2 announces that it will demonstrate new technologies for its HEMS computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) at the AAMI Exchange, which takes place from June 7-9, in Cleveland. These products will include:

  • New features for the HEMS Remote mobile app—which works in both online and offline mode with interactive—and smartphone features of speech-to-text, barcode scanning, and photo-taking.
  • Performance and benchmarking analyzer: Dashboards and reports benchmark critical key performance indicators and highlight areas for improvement. As improvement trends emerge, the value-add from biomed, imaging, facilities, support services, etc., are quantified for all to see.
  • Total asset management: Expanded functionality for biomed, facilities, supply chain, procurement, receiving, materials handling, service contracts, and vendor management allows assets and contracts to be tracked and monitored from purchase requisition to end of life.
  • FastKey: This is a new software offering to track and control keys and access card management in hospitals. Specifically, the interface tracks keys based on employee and contractor assignments and due dates. Alerts are then sent on overdue keys. Also, key assignments can be seen by maps of floors, specific areas, rooms, or even spaces within a room. And users can search high-risk areas to determine who has had access to a certain area.