St. Charles, Mo.-based BC Biomedical announces that its ESU-2400H Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer’s DFA2 technology is now patented under U.S. patent No. 9,883,903. The newly patented technology allows the ESU-2400H to digitize the complex radio-frequency (RF) waveforms produced by electrosurgical generators. Specifically, each data point is analyzed to provide highly accurate measurement results.

Further, the ESU-2400H is able to digitize complex RF waveforms due to its low impedance internal load bank, which has a wide range of 0 to 6400 ohms, in as little as one-ohm increments. It is a microprocessor-based analyzer that utilizes a combination of hardware and software to provide accurate test results, even from “noisy” electrosurgical generator waveforms such as “Spray.”

The ESU-2400H, unlike most conventional ESU analyzers, has internal high-voltage setup relays to control the measurement path. This allows the user to switch between power measurements, leakage measurements, REM/ARM/CQM testing, or even run an auto sequence that could include any or all of these tests—without moving wires around.

The current transformer internal to the ESU-2400H senses the RF current flowing through the internal test load and produces a ratiometric voltage, which is digitized and analyzed by the microprocessor. Finally, combining the standard and low ranges of the ESU-2400H with the use of the current transformer, the user has full control over the ability to get high accuracy and high-resolution readings from all types of electrosurgical generators.