The Dynamic Cardiac Phantom Model 008C from CIRS, based in Norfolk, Va., is a precision instrument that simulates the realistic motion of an average human heart. It provides known, accurate and repeatable 3D motion of a solid heart model inside the tissue-equivalent thorax phantom. The phantom is designed as a comprehensive image analysis tool for calcification detection, iodine contrast resolution, and ECG signal gating.

The cardiac phantom is constructed from a tissue equivalent thorax body, moving rod with a solid tissue equivalent heart inside, motion actuator, motion controller, and CIRS Motion Control software. The 3D movement of the heart is controlled by CIRS Motion Control software, which is installed on a Windows PC or laptop. The software comes loaded with three basic motion profiles that are specific to different anatomical parts of the heart and one correlated ECG profile.

The software can overlay respiratory motion with cardiac motion to account for total displacement of the heart. The respiratory motion can mimic either breath hold or continuous breathing of a patient. The Cardiac Dynamic Phantom joins CIRS’ existing lineup of dynamic phantoms, which includes the Dynamic Thorax Phantom (Model 008A), MRI-LINAC Dynamic Phantom (Model 008M), Dynamic Pelvis Phantom (Model 008P) and Dynamic Platform (Model 008PL).

Each of these products is operated using CIRS Motion Control Software.