Fluke Biomedical’s OneQA test and workflow automation software now supports the ProSim 8 multifunction patient simulator. Fluke Biomedical OneQA is a quality assurance software platform that helps hospitals, independent service organizations and OEM service teams increase the safety, efficiency, and accuracy of medical equipment testing and quality assurance workflows.

“OneQA interoperability with ProSim8 saves time and reduces error by automatically setting up the simulation to be sent to the monitor,” says Gerald Zion, global training manager. “The observed display and strip chart information that must be manually entered is automatically evaluated by OneQA using the pre-determined testing limits for the information that has been entered. This results in the objective pass/fail.”

Fluke Biomedical OneQA automates a selection of tools which now includes the ProSim8. OneQA can be used as a stand-alone workflow and documentation application or can be connected to a CMMS system.

“Our customers asked us to add patient monitor testing to the OneQA procedure library and its automated document workflows,” says Kiran Jagilinki, product manager for Fluke Biomedical OneQA. “Customers can now further standardize their testing workflows and benefit from a new consolidated PM report for patient monitor testing.”

Fluke Biomedical OneQA can integrate into an organizations workflow on three different levels:

  • Test Automation – OneQA pairs with Fluke Biomedical analyzers to automate testing via standardized and customizable test templates
  • Workflow Automation – With its pre-built CMMS integrations, work orders can automatically be updated with test results and reports
  • Workflow Integration – Offers a powerful set of APIs so you can customize how OneQA fits into your workflow to further automate your asset management system