Varian Medical Systems has opened Jiangsu Varian Medical Systems Co Ltd, a regional service center that will produce and perform x-ray imaging component repairs in China. The new service center, based in the Jiangsu Province, is expected to shorten the production and repair cycles of imaging components for local x-ray equipment manufacturers, in addition to enhancing Chinese companies’ competitiveness in local and international markets.

Varian’s 12,139-square-foot Wuxi Service Center will operate two x-ray tube production lines and one repair and service center for flat-panel detectors. It’s current estimated capacity stands at 2,000 tubes and 800 panels a year.

“For our Chinese customers, production and repair needs for most tubes and flat panels will be satisfied locally,” says Zhang Xiao, vice president and CEO of Varian Medical Systems in Greater China. “With the manufacturing and repair capacities of the Wuxi center, Varian has the opportunity to help our Chinese clients access opportunities locally for upgrading medical imaging devices, and to support local partners by helping them become world-class suppliers with systems that are powered by Varian.” Plus, he says, eliminating the need to ship components in and out of China significantly reduces the cost of repairs.

Such a change is noteworthy, Xiao explains, since detectors often have to be sent to a service center outside of China for repair. Varian’s new flat-panel detector repair center uses the same technologies as the United States service center, however, which reduces downtime and improves efficiencies.

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