Siemens Healthcare announced that it has introduced Multimobil 10, a high performance, low-dose mobile x-ray system, which is manufactured in India. The system has been designed to cater to the potential demand in the entry-level mobile x-ray systems market.

According to Siemens Healthcare, its Multimobil 10 is a versatile system powered with high-frequency technology that can generate high-contrast images at a low dose. The addition of a ‘zebra’ design—the tube head has a zebra face and the rest of the system has zebra stripes—makes it child-friendly, allowing fast and smooth scanning for pediatric imaging.

Through the introduction of its Multimobil 10 mobile x-ray system, the company reports that it is addressing the needs of small and medium healthcare providers. Developed with a compact and lightweight design with a counterbalanced swivel-arm system, Multimobil 10 is said to improve clinical workflow capabilities and allow greater flexibility in patient positioning, from recumbent to sitting positions. Challenging clinical orientations, such as abdominal and chest imaging for obese patients, can be addressed with the new mobile unit. Its operational efficiency enables applications in a variety of clinical disciplines for bedside imaging, intensive care units, neonatal intensive care, operating rooms, and sports medicine.

The company reports that the “plug and perform” feature of Multimobil 10 is intended to enable the device to be used in multiple departments and situations, including under extreme operating conditions. The system is said to maintain a constant imaging power even when the power supply voltage falls to 170 V/180 V or rises to 265 V.

The operator console provides quick access to all functions and operating modes. The unit design allows a safe parking position for the freely rotatable unit’s head, especially when the system is being moved. The machine is also capable of delivering shortest possible exposure times, helping to eliminate any motion blur.

For more information about the Multimobil 10, visit the Siemens Healthcare website.