Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, Pa, recently opened a new, larger refurbished systems factory in Wood Dale, Ill.

The facility, which replaces Siemens’ former factory in nearby Hoffman Estates, Ill, will refurbish an array of previously owned Siemens medical imaging systems, including computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and molecular imaging units. The new site also puts Siemens under the same roof as its primary refurbished systems service provider, Hegele Logistic LLC. The Wood Dale factory is Siemens’ only refurbished systems facility in the U.S.

For the past 11 years, Siemens has offered refurbished systems that include x-ray, angiography, CT, molecular imaging, MRI, and ultrasound. Known as Siemens’ ecoline systems, these refurbished products can reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 20,000 tons per year. Ecoline systems have an average material reuse rate of 98%.