Where can I get a service manual for a GE Logiq 5 expert? This unit seems to be running slow for the user, takes too long to bring up studies.

General Electric has been kind enough to the imaging community to provide a Web site that contains service manuals for almost all of their imaging platforms. Please go to the following link to get to the site:

Upon entering, select the ultrasound (US) category, then choose the Logiq 5 in the first column labeled “Select all desired,” and choose “Service Documents” in the second column. The third column is manual classifications, no choice is given here, you are locked into only one selection—Class A. In the last column, “Status,” highlight all the choices, then click on “Search” at the bottom of the page and service manuals will now appear for you to choose to view and/or download.

Your system running slow may be several things: Is the patient archive full or getting there? We recommend to customers to delete the archive on a regular basis; the system is NOT an archive device but a holding area until exams can be migrated to a more secure device (PACS, film etc). Also, is the DICOM queue populated with old exams no longer needed? This should be cleared on a regular basis as well.

Please note: Get permission from anyone and everyone involved before deleting ANY patient data whether from the archive or holding queue!!!

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