Online Ultrasound Training

Axess Ultrasound, Indianapolis, now offers online training focused on the fundamentals and preventive maintenance (PM) of ultrasound. Complemented by on-site and regional training offered by Axess, the new online courses enable technicians to select the appropriate training that fits their schedules and budget. The first three courses offered through the online training are Basic Ultrasound, iU22/iE33 Preventive Maintenance, and Sequoia PM. Basic Ultrasound, a holistic and functional course, provides a fundamental understanding of ultrasound. The PM courses offer step-by-step instructions for biomedical technicians who perform semiannual planned maintenance checks on the Philips iU22 and iE33 and the Siemens Acuson Sequoia ultrasound systems. Biomedical technicians will learn how to ensure the equipment is clean and properly functioning. Online training courses are taken at the learner’s convenience over a 2-week period and require approximately 1 hour to complete in their entirety. Axess provides a certificate of training at the successful completion of each course.

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Spectrum Analyzer

The DSA815 spectrum analyzer from Rigol Technologies Inc, Oakwood Village, Ohio, features all-digital IF technology. The DSA815 covers a frequency range of 9kHz to 1.5 GHz and features a compact design. Rigol’s latest spectrum analyzer has a displayed average noise level (DANL) of -135 dBm, offset phase noise of -80 dBc/Hz @10 kHz, and a total amplitude uncertainty of <1.5 dB, making it suitable for benchtop or field apps in radio frequency (RF) and wireless testing and production. DSA815 spectrum analyzers include AM/FM demodulation and a preamplifier, plus a variety of optional enhancements such as an EMI filter and quasi-peak detector kit and a 1.5 GHz tracking generator. Rigol’s digital IF design technology offers users the ability to measure smaller signals by enabling smaller bandwidth settings, thereby reducing the DANL. With a minimum resolution bandwidth of 100 Hz, Rigol’s digital IF filter also facilitates the ability to distinguish between small signals close in frequency. The optional tracking generator provides an additional set of functionality. Use the instrument as a VSWR tester with a bridge or connect to test passive and active RF components.

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TEE Probe Storage Cabinets

CS Medical LLC, Creedmoor, NC, offers TEE probe storage cabinets. Within the TEE probe storage cabinets, positive-pressure filtered air bathes the disinfected TEE probes to minimize the potential of airborne particles entering the cabinet. The tip and insertion tube hang vertically inside the cabinet while the control handle and connector are held in secure positions. The cable support distributes the weight of the cable over a gentle curve to minimize stress on the cable. Once you place the TEE probes inside the storage cabinet, you can close and lock the door for added security. CS Medical constructs the TEE probe storage cabinets from thermally fused polypropylene, making them easy to clean with any disinfectant. Polypropylene does not absorb moisture and will not break down if exposed to harsh cleaning solvents.

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Wi-Fi RTLS Staff Badge, Pager

Ekahau Inc, Reston, Va, recently launched its newest Wi-Fi staff badge, the Ekahau B4 staff badge and pager. The B4 features an OLED text display and multiple buttons that allow users to receive text messages over Wi-Fi and to acknowledge receipt or to initiate calls and alarms. The B4 badge also features a built-in alarm switch for staff duress events. The B4 badge builds on Ekahau’s T301BD staff badge, which is being phased out of production. The B4 incorporates the latest system on a chip Wi-Fi 802.11g radio, CPU, and memory. The B4 can be tracked and located by Ekahau RTLS over any brand or generation of Wi-Fi network. The system can typically achieve room-level accuracy using Wi-Fi as the location method. The three call buttons and alarm switch can be programmed to address different calls initiated by the user. It features a two-way communication capability so staff members can receive calls for help or other requests directly on the LED display on the badges they are wearing. An audible tone and flashing LEDs alert that there is a new message. The Ekahau B4 has a rechargeable battery that allows organizations to run the badges with rapid blink rates and real-time text messaging.

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