We currently have about 40 ultrasounds of all manufacturers and models in our hospital. I currently do semi-annual complete inspections on all ultrasounds and probes (including phantom and/or Sonora’s FirstCall system checks), and semi-annual quick visual inspections of each. So, all probes and machines are inspected every three months. I have not had any problems, comments, or feedback from any regulatory agency that has inspected my records. In your opinion, is the inspection schedule sufficient, too little, or too much? What do other institutions do?

You are getting in front of the systems (and customers) every three months? That is great! You mentioned that you are testing the probes using the FirstCall device as well as scanning a phantom, but I would need to know what accrediting agency oversees your ultrasound department(s) to define their standards. A good example is the American College of Radiology that requires two inspections per year with specific tests/inspections that have to be completed.

There are many other accrediting agencies that have different testing criteria and intervals so you need to contact them to get their exact protocols. I currently do not know of any standards that require more than two inspections per year, so you may need to perform more thorough testing at less frequent intervals. You may contact Matt Tomory directly at [email protected] if you wish to have further assistance. We can provide additional information and forms at that time.

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