I have an HDI 5000 that has an intermittent issue with the entire monitor—not just the image—having a green hue come over it and then it will just go back to normal after a little while. I have replaced the PIM and the PCM boards, but these didn’t fix it. I replaced the monitor, but this also did not fix the matter. Finally, at the suggestion of the tech support at Conquest I replaced the IIM board. This also did not work. I guess my next bet would be one of the two pixel boards, PSP1 or PSP2. Any suggestions?

Possible bad monitor: This is a common issue with the monitor itself. There is a good chance that the monitor that was shipped had an issue due to improper handling or is too far out of calibration for your system.

Cable issue: If you are sure the monitor is good, then I would print with a color printer. Providing the problem is not duplicated on the printout, I would say that you have a bad monitor cable.

Printed circuit board (PCB) issue: If the problem is duplicated on the printout, then I would have to say that you have a PCB issue. The most likely candidates are the PCM, PIM, IIM, PSP1, and PSP2.

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