What is the recommended test equipment for performing quality testing of an ultrasound, besides the electrical safety analyzer? Trying to provide our customer’s patients with a safer device, but need to purchase the right test equipment—help!

Other than a safety analyzer, a field service engineer needs a:
1. Digital multimeter (DMM);
2. Quality phantom for verification of the 2D image and to properly measure the calipers; and
3. Vacuum

As you know, the safety analyzer measures voltage as well as current, continuity, and leakage of the systems and probes.

The DMM is great for measuring batteries on printed circuit boards and power supply voltages.

The phantom is needed for verifying the quality of the 2D image because the human body is not perfect, and it is for ensuring that the system’s calipers are measuring correctly.

The final piece of equipment vital to ensure system operation—although not test equipment—is the vacuum, which ensures proper ventilation of the system for airflow and to prevent overheating. It is also important that the vacuum meets ESD guidelines because an engineer may need to clean individual PCBs.

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