I am having a problem with a GE Vidi7 dimension unit. When an image store loop capture is done there is a long delay coming out of the loop. This only happens on the first capture for each new patient. The unit hangs up for several seconds, extending to minutes sometimes. I have done the following: Reloaded software (system application), replaced the hard drive in BEP, replaced the RFI board, and replaced the cable between FEP and BEP.

Hello Teresa, I see you performed a software reload (application only) and replaced the hard drive. I will assume that the drive replacement entailed a full software load unless you had a preloaded drive. The reason I bring this up is that I never recommend a partial software load—only a full one.

Is this problem intermittent or solid? Has this issue occurred from day one or is it relatively new? What hardware and software level is your BEP?

Without the answers to these questions, I will have to take an educated guess: The BEP is probably failing. It is a high failure item and the problem you are having sounds like it is BEP related.

If you would like to discuss this live, please contact our GE instructor, Matt Tomory, at (602) 478-8909 and he can assist you further. Please have the answers to the previous questions for him when you call.

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