Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed) has installed the Versus Advantages real-time locating solution (RTLS) in the newly remodeled PacMed clinic at Totem Lake in Kirkland, Wash. The automation that Versus Technology Inc brings to the Totem Lake clinic allows patients to quickly move to an exam room and spend much less time in a waiting room. With Versus, the same number of patients can be accommodated in a space that is significantly smaller.

The Versus Advantages RTLS utilizes Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to determine room-level location and drive rules-based clinical workflow automation. The system grants situational awareness to staff, allowing them to view patient progression and room status in real time on floor plans that represent the exact layout of the facility, as well as on list views that show additional details related to the patient’s visit. For example, list views may display the patient’s caregiver, reason for visit and indicate who has been with the patient, who is currently with the patient and who needs to see the patient next. All data is captured within the context of the patient’s visit and is available for reporting through Versus’ advanced Reports Plus Analytics application, which provides a variety of milestone-based reports to help improve patient flow and resource utilization throughout the environment.