Where we can buy the CPP part of the GEF box on the GE Voluson 730? Please let us know how to contact the vendor via e-mail and phone. Thanks

Thank you for the question. The CPP board for the Voluson 730 availability is a very broad question. We would need to know the software and hardware version of your system first, as there are many different CPP boards for that system, some of which are forward and backwards compatible but not all. Please e-mail the software revision of the system and let us know if it is a Voluson Pro or Expert and we can get pricing and availability information to you. This brings up a broader point and that is with systems evolving so quickly these days, it is critical to know what software and hardware versions a system contains for troubleshooting and parts ID.

You can use this e-mail to send the information: [email protected]

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