Ambra Health has released Ambra for Developers, a cloud development platform specifically designed for medical imaging.

With the platform, IT departments at health systems and hospitals can easily extend imaging and imaging data into other applications such as population health or reporting tools. In addition, third-party developers can rapidly incorporate Ambra imaging technologies as part of a wide variety of healthcare applications, providing users with new capabilities for better patient care.

The Ambra Solution Directory showcases 15 of these next-generation solutions for easy evaluation by providers, including Elsevier STATdx, Realize Ai, USARAD, Blackford Analysis, and READS for RADS.

“The Ambra cloud development platform is a natural next step in the evolution of Ambra imaging services,” said Morris Panner, CEO of Ambra Health. “Imaging doesn’t live in a silo and needs to be closely coupled with other applications in the care continuum. Now, providers and other third parties can build from our best-in-class, open system, to create new solutions that provide better, more efficient patient care.”

Partners are leveraging Ambra’s cloud development platform to facilitate solutions around deep learning, diagnostic decision support, teleradiology, specialized image analysis and second opinion portals. For example, Elsevier’s STATdx is a diagnostic decision support system for radiologists and has collaborated with Ambra Health.

STATdx provides radiologists with instant access to the collective clinical experience and knowledge of renowned sub-specialists in every field of radiology, giving them the diagnostic confidence that comes from having a repository of over 40,000 live references and 20,000 patient cases to validate against.

Furthermore, there has been much talk of the potential of artificial intelligence in radiology to cut down on read times and improve accuracy. Realize Ai, image-enabled by Ambra, uses machine learning to offer a deeper and more accurate dive into imaging exams. For example, their CT Lung Nodule Detection algorithm provides a sensitivity rate of 96% at four false positives per scan.

The complete list of companies highlighted in the Ambra Solution Directory at launch include: Blackford Analysis, DiaCardio, Elsevier, Health Companion, MR Innovations, Olea Medical, Precision Image Analysis, Predible, READS for RADS, Realize, SemanticMD, TOMTEC, USARAD Holdings, and Virtual Scalpel.

For more information about this technology, visit Ambra Health.