Aplio Toshiba-500Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc offers the reliance extended warranty for all new Aplio 500 and Aplio 300 ultrasound systems.

Toshiba’s reliance extended warranty—available for all new Aplio 500 and Aplio 300 systems purchased before December 31, 2012—provides three years of full system coverage for Aplio 500 and two years for Aplio 300. Additionally, the program provides technology protection during the extended-warranty period, allowing customers to receive the latest version of software at no extra charge.

“Aplio 500 and 300 are Toshiba’s newest ultrasound systems offering advanced visualization capabilities and enhanced ergonomics, along with the proven reliability Toshiba ultrasound is known for,” said Tomohiro Hasegawa, director, ultrasound business unit, Toshiba. “With this warranty, customers have the confidence of owning advanced, reliable products that include the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.”