Royal Philips has announced the introduction of the Lumify transducer, the company’s first solution for its App-Based Ultrasound platform. Designed for emergency departments and urgent care centers, as well as other clinical settings, the Lumify integrates with a compatible smart device and subscription-based online portal to extend the reach of ultrasound with mobile technology. The transducer is already FDA-cleared and will become commercially available in the United States later this year. Following that introduction, Philips plans to introduce additional ultrasound transducers, applications, and services through the app-based portal.

“Ultrasound’s versatility, portability, and safety enabled it to become one of the most widely used first-line diagnostic tools,” said Vitor Rocha, CEO of Ultrasound for Philips. “With the advent of App-Based Ultrasound, we strive to bring the value and benefits of ultrasound to more places across the health continuum. It’s designed to drive transformation in care delivery and digital health.”

As a customized app-based solution, Lumify is designed to integrate with patient profiles and a health system’s equipment using cloud-enabled technology. Data will also be available through the Philips HealthSuite digital platform, an open, cloud-based IT infrastructure that provides users with access to data and analytics to improve patient care.

Lumify is part of Philips’ App-Based Ultrasound open innovation platform, which aims to introduce ultrasound early in the health continuum and expand access among more healthcare providers through a flexible, subscription-based delivery model.

For more information, visit the Philips website.