Carestream unveiled its new Touch ultrasound system at this year’s American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) convention. Currently pending 510(k) clearance, the system features a design heavily influenced by user feedback and an all-touch control panel integrated with GPU processing power and smart transducer technology. When coupled with a single-board system design, the result is a “highly reliable product with advanced imaging capabilities, a compact footprint, and a modern user interface,” according to the company.

The all-touch control panel is said to combine the speed and flexibility of a soft user interface with the tactile feedback of traditional keys. Etched marking for primary controls is designed to make it easier for users to locate key functions without looking away from the image display monitor.

“Our new ultrasound platform was developed based on very specific input from sonographers and other ultrasound imaging professionals who use these systems on a daily basis,” said Andrew J. Hartman, general manager, Global X-ray Solutions, Carestream. “This feedback enabled us to identify user needs that were not adequately addressed by existing ultrasound systems, and helped us create a powerful platform for ultrasound imaging.”

The Touch system offers high-level computing power to provide both speed and good image quality, and a “swipe and go” badge log-on to save time and promote secure access, according to the announcement. The system has a cold boot time of 18 seconds to eliminate the need for standby mode or battery backup. It also includes a sealed panel to help limit the spread of pathogens, easy maneuverability, and simple cart adjustments to help reduce repetitive stress injuries, according to the company. For more information, visit the Carestream website.