Kolo Medical will introduce three new SiliconWave transducers at the 2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, which takes place this week in Tours, France. Created to deliver ultra-high resolution imaging, SiliconWave transducers are an alternative to traditional lead zirconate titanate ultrasound.

The SiliconWave transducer technology provides access to ultra-high and ultra-wide bandwidth imaging for applications for the thyroid, breast, small parts, musculoskeletal, vascular, and dermal imaging.

Kolo Medical is partnering with various OEM partners to test SiliconWave transducers with commercial ultrasound systems. Commenting on such testing, Yongli Huang, president of Kolo Medical, says: “We expect these evaluations will confirm the ability of SiliconWave technology to deliver a new standard of diagnostic imaging. With our OEM partners, we are developing this higher level of performance with a joint goal of improving patient outcomes.”

One of the OEM partners testing the technology is Kirkland, Wash.-based Verasonics, which develops ultrasound research technologies. “We have evaluated Kolo’s new 30 MHz [capacitive micromachined ultrasonic] transducer on the Verasonics Vantage high-frequency system,” says Verasonics’ CEO Lauren Pflugrath. “The images we have been able to produce of laboratory animals and superficial structures are very impressive. We think this technology will be very interesting to researchers involved with high-frequency ultrasound.”

For more information about these transducers, visit Kolo Medical.