Ampronix has unveiled a new Hybridpixx 8MP LED medical display, which enables reproduction of multiple images concurrently in the operating room. Hybridpixx’s design encompasses all the features of a 4K ultra-high-definition display while mitigating the dangers associated with a single large display.

Hybridpixx’s mount holds two 58-inch displays back to back; that way, if the primary display should fail, a back-up display with the same parameters is accessible. Also, its modular connection allows the wireless display to be easily switched from one screen to the other in under one minute.

With its streamlined design, both displays are easily replaceable, simplyifing the maintenance process. Furthermore, the decreased reliance on servicing makes the Hybridpixx an economical option since a biomedical engineer is the only individual needed in the event of a replacement.

The Hybridpixx, stand included, weighs in at 100 pounds and has dimensions 53 x 31.5 x 5.5-inch dimensions. And with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the lightweight monitor offers high clarity.

With the option to purchase Ampronix’s video manger, all the benefits of customizable layouts and editing tools make features like magnification possible. Additionally, the Hybridpixx can be utilized in a variety of spaces, including hybrid operating rooms that facilitate both surgical and interventional procedures.

For more information about this display, visit Ampronix.