Alpinion Medical Systems has announced the launch of a new E-Cube series ultrasound system. Developed to enhance user experience and patient care in a range of clinical areas, the E-Cube 15 EX is designed to produce improved image quality. With advanced imaging technologies, the system aims to deliver better clinical performance in women’s health, general imaging, and shared service applications.

The E-Cube 15 EX is the company’s latest addition to its E-Cube series. The 15 EX provides advanced features for women’s health practices, including automation for fetal health, cardiac monitoring from the early stages, and imaging capabilities for a range of women’s health issues, as well as new transducer technology.

The E-Cube 15 EX offers Live HQ technology for greater anatomical realism through the use of a moveable light source with a single crystal volume convex transducer to maximize the 3D/4D image quality. The E-Cube 15 EX also incorporates Auto NT, which automatically measures nuchal translucency thickness. This feature is said to be quick, easy, and efficient, and to increase accuracy by reducing the inter- and intra-operator variability when performing such measurements manually.

Designed to be easy to use and clinically versatile, the E-Cube 15 EX features real-time scanning optimization and customization functions, an intuitive user interface, and application-focused exam presets. The company has combined these with clarity of image, simplified image acquisition, and enhanced overall image quality to enable physicians to feel in control. The 15 EX also has a touchscreen UI designed to make it easy for both professional sonographers and nonspecialists to adopt the technology into their daily routine.

For more details about the E-Cube 15 EX, visit the Alpinion website.