Spacelabs Healthcare, Snoqualmie, Wash, has announced the release of its newest medical telemetry solution, XTR. Spacelabs, whose development of telemetry solutions stems from the NASA space program, reports that its latest telemetry system offers a simple workflow for managing patients, intelligent arrhythmia analysis, and advanced alarm management.

“XTR is the exclamation point to a multiyear comprehensive product update of our entire product family,” said Nicholas Ong, president of Spacelabs. “With the newest end-to-end product line on the market, Spacelabs provides a powerful enterprise solution that isn’t just backwards compatible, but poises the company for more clinical and technical innovations on the horizon.”

Ong reports that XTR’s real-time arrhythmia algorithms capture seven leads of ECG, all viewable from the central station, where the three best leads analyze arrhythmia using dedicated wireless medical telemetry bands for superior interpretation of ambulatory patients.

XTR is optimized for use with the latest Spacelabs’ products, including Xhibit, a scalable 48 patient central monitoring system for seamless patient transfer from virtually any bed, anywhere in a hospital; Assurance, an advanced alarm management software with tools to help reduce alarm fatigue and optimize patient safety; and AriaTele, a telemetry transmitter that features a comprehensive view of all leads and SPo2 with an onboard display right on the transmitter.

According to Spacelabs, XTR is also fully integrated within clinical access for a retrospective view from virtually any computer workstation in the hospital, outside of the hospital, or with ICS XPREZZ—the IOS Smart disclosure app—available on iTunes.

To learn more or to see a demo of XTR, visit the Spacelabs website.