A family of digital angiography systems from Shimadzu has been cleared for marketing in the United States by the FDA. The ceiling-mounted Trinias, floor-mounted Trinias, and Biplane models incorporate Shimadzu’s SCORE PRO image processing technology. SCORE PRO is designed to enhance the fluoroscopic image while maintaining as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) dose considerations for all clinical staff. The Trinias is equipped with a new 8-inch flat-panel detector for cardiac-suited procedures as well as for neurological exams. SCORE StentView can provide users improved visibility of existing stents in vessels. The systems have data mirroring and redundant filaments to ensure procedure continuity. All are designed to meet the demands of a cath lab as well as those of the patient, with such features as a triple pivot, a six-axis in line C-arm mount, and a multi-insertion, ceiling-suspended C-arm.