With the economy the way it has been the past few years, clinical engineering departments know full well that a top priority involves keeping current equipment working. Apart from mechanical issues, equipment damage can interfere with this strategy and can create a financial issue. In the February issue of 24×7, biomed Mark Brideson contributed the article “The Parachute Principle” that shared some of his practices to help keep medical equipment ready for use at a moment’s notice.

In the article Mark said: “Good patient outcomes and proper care require reliable, 100% functional equipment and it is our duty to make this happen. When equipment is grabbed for use, it should function as if a life depended on it, which it often does.”

He goes on to say that in a fast paced hospital environment, especially with a lot of patients and low staffing, clinicians have little time to deal with the technicalities of the equipment, as they remain focused on the patient. All of which “can result in equipment getting damaged because of a hectic pace.”

Have you implemented strategies in your facility to save time or prevent equipment damage? Share your ideas here to help other departments stay at the ready.