The IT and medical technology company, Sectra will demonstrate the latest version of its pre-operative planning system and visualization table at the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting 2012 held February 7 through February 11 in San Francisco.

Sectra will highlight its latest orthopaedic PACS with a range of new features enabling surgeons to improve surgical outcomes. The system offers support for fine tuning of hip cup and stem placement, new functionality for improved validation of calibration result on low contrast images, and intelligent selection of templates based on the user’s most commonly used implant and autolock of measurement points on reposition areas for easier simulations.

Sectra will also showcase Sectra Visualization Table, a multi-touch screen that gives the orthopedic surgeon natural-size 3D views of patient anatomy, rendered from CT or MR images. Surgeons can manipulate the virtual body with their hands, as in a real surgical setting. They can local­ize vessels and muscles and other vital anatomy to commence the procedure with a strategy regarding and awareness of complicating factors. This saves time, improves surgical outcomes, and increases patient safety.