Wi-Fi RTLS Tag

Ekahau Inc, Reston, Va, has launched its newest Wi-Fi asset-tracking tag, the A4. The new tag supports precision location of less than 1 meter (3.5 feet) using existing enterprise Wi-Fi networks and infrared micro-zone technology. The A4 tag provides sub-1-meter location accuracy, which it achieves by detecting both standard Wi-Fi network signals and signals emitted by Ekahau’s battery-powered infrared location beacons. Hospitals can place beacons in areas where micro-zone accuracy is required or in areas without adequate Wi-Fi coverage, while still maintaining enterprisewide visibility over the existing Wi-Fi network. The A4 offers battery life of up to 5 years and includes an optical tamper sensor that sends alerts to notify that the tag has been removed from the object to which it is attached. The tag also contains two configurable buttons, which can be used for sending alarms or notifying users of events, such as asset availability. The A4 leverages the bidirectional communication capabilities of Wi-Fi to allow administrators to manage and reprogram thousands of tags anywhere on the enterprise network.

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Portable Vital Signs Tester

The ProSim 4 from Fluke Calibration, Everett, Wash, offers portable vital signs testing. The quick-check device features 12-lead ECG simulation, respiration, IBP, and NIBP testing, as well as specialized stay-connected ECG posts to ensure secure lead connections. The ProSim 4 vital signs simulator acts as a suitable patient simulator for first-call patient monitor quality assurance and safety professionals. With a touch screen menu designed for a wide range of medical simulation requirements, it offers one-tap testing for most performance tests and checks. It also includes an integrated, rechargeable battery; repeatable NIBP testing within 2 mmHg independent of device under test; a multilanguage user interface with a choice of language selection; a tilt stand design for operation in tight spaces and better viewing angle; and normal-sinus-rhythm waveform.

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Medical Device Testers

Rigel Medical, Peterlee, England, offers two new medical device testers: the Rigel 344 defibrillator and 366 infusion pump tester. The compact, lightweight, and portable 344 features the latest automatic external defibrillator test program technology to ensure that patient medical equipment is safe to use and functioning properly. The 366 infusion pump analyzer meets IEC 60601-2-24 requirements and features variants of one, two, and four independent channels. Each channel can be tested simultaneously across a range of 100 µL (microliter) to 1,000 mL per hour with results stored in the instrument’s internal memory. Rigel Medical’s testers and simulators run on the Med-eBase PC software, which provides enhanced electronic recording and the management of medical device safety testing programs.

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Endoscopic Test Device

Lighthouse Imaging Corp, Portland, Me, offers the Endolume endoscopic testing device, a portable handheld device that measures the luminous intensity of endoscopic system light sources as well as light transmission through light cables and rigid or flexible endoscopes. Endolume enables hospital clinical engineering staff to quickly troubleshoot endoscope system illumination prior to patient procedures. In addition to ensuring adequate light, the Endolume also gives hospitals a way to extend the life of their endoscopic light source, which contains meters to track the hours of use. The Endolume offers a compact design with a four-digit display, precision silicon photodiode sensor assembly with a 5-foot cable to reach all areas of endoscopy rack, one-button operation, and adapters for all standard light sources, light cables, and endoscopes, among other features.

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Service Agreement Portfolio

Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass, recently launched the RightFit Service Agreement portfolio. The portfolio allows health care organizations to customize service coverage and support options for medical imaging equipment to their specific maintenance, clinical, and business needs. Customers can choose from a range of service plans with rapid, on-demand response to keep their systems performing at peak capacity. Philips also offers economy-minded agreements where the priority is managing costs without compromising quality care. Customers may also purchase RightFit service enhancements, such as technology upgrades to keep hardware and software up to date; Philips’ utilization services to help improve system performance; and health care consulting and clinical applications education. Philips multivendor service offerings are also available to give hospitals the flexibility to consolidate all of their service requirements under one contract.

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Depot Repair Services

DMS Topline Medical, Fargo, ND, a supplier of reconditioned biomedical and diagnostic imaging equipment, parts, and rentals, has expanded its medical equipment service offering with biomedical depot repair services. In addition, DMS Topline Medical increased its warehouse capacity by 5,000 square feet to accommodate six bench-repair spaces and a clean room, and it increased its inventory of in-demand biomedical parts in support of biomedical depot repair services. The repair services complement the company’s existing medical equipment and parts portfolio of used and reconditioned patient monitoring equipment, such as central stations; defibrillators; EKG machines; fetal and maternal monitors; modules; patient monitors; telemetry and associated biomedical parts; ultrasound machines, probes, and parts; and diagnostic imaging parts.

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