Tomorrow marks my final day as Associate Editor of 24×7 magazine. Though I have spent the better part of the last two years interviewing, writing about, and reading into the clinical engineering industry’s trends, trials, and successes, I have decided to further my own education and return to graduate school. I have worked on two magazines in addition to 24×7 during my time at Allied Media but have enjoyed my work with this magazine more than the others for one reason: the people.

In talks with members of the industry, interviewees almost always discuss how altruistic, hardworking, and dedicated biomeds are to their jobs, and that overwhelming sense of pride in your work will stick with me as I move into other fields. Though biomeds remain understaffed, under funded, and under represented in the health care space, they continue to do incredible work to better the care of treatment of countless patients.

Without the tireless work of biomeds, the x-ray machine that scanned my recently fractured elbow may not have been working properly. I am sure that countless other patients could relay similar stories. From myself and the other patients that benefit from your tireless work—though may not realize the role you play in the industry—I would like to extend a thank you not only for ensuring the optimal care of patients, but also for setting an example of how people everywhere can make a difference.