Kopp Development Inc, a manufacturer of ferromagnetic detectors for MRI safety, has announced a new partnership with the service company SteelHorse Medical LLC that is intended to accommodate an increase in the company’s sales. Kopp manufactures the FerrAlert system, which alerts hospital staff to prevent ferrous objects from accidentally entering the MRI room.

The deal is intended to help meet Kopp’s increasing installation, training, and product service needs. According to Kopp, its sales have doubled this year. The agreement will bring an increase in professionally trained installation and service providers around the country, allowing for greater flexibility and speed in responding to customers.

SteelHorse Medical, which has a nationwide technical services team, will help ensure compliance with The Joint Commission, good manufacturing practices, and factory specifications. The organization delivers technical service and product support, and has ISO 9001 certification.

With the help of SteelHorse Medical, Kopp Development intends to respond to customers by telephone within 4 hours in order to arrange a field service visit. SteelHorse is also committed to having an authorized field service provider onsite within 24 hours of a field service call.

For more information about the companies and the partnership, visit the Kopp Development website.