Carestream announced that three of its DRX-1 detectors have been installed in Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, Tex. The units are designed to enable physicians to view high-quality images within seconds. Specialized software also creates a companion image that shows enhanced visualization of tubes, lines, catheters, and other devices.

According to Carestream, the center installed the three DRX-1 detectors to help achieve rapid image access for existing portable and room-based x-ray units that serve patients in its trauma center, ICU, and surgical suites. The 250-bed facility is the largest hospital in the area and conducts 140,000 x-ray, CT, and MR exams a year.

The hospital reports that it has lowered patient x-ray exposure by an average of 30% to 40% by replacing CR cassettes with DRX detectors. Decreasing dose is especially important for severely ill and injured patients who can require multiple x-ray exams a day, according to the hospital. Further reducing the exposure for patients is the companion image, which is created by applying advanced algorithms to the original image, thus eliminating the need for a second x-ray.

The DRX detectors can be moved between multiple x-ray systems as needed throughout the day, according to Carestream. The hospital currently shares the three detectors among four systems, and moves the detectors to enhance workflow and achieve a greater return on the investment. The hospital’s staff plans to retrofit additional imaging systems with DRX detectors in the future.

For more information about the DRX-1 detectors, visit the Carestream website.