Eizo RadiForce EX270W color LCD monitorEizo, a medical solutions provider based in Cypress, Calif, has recently introduced its RadiForce EX270W color LCD monitor.

The EX270W has a slim design and low weight, and is UL 60601-1-certified. The full HD widescreen monitor is specifically designed for viewing images in surgical environments. It has a 27-inch monitor with IPS technology and a bright, 600 cd/m2 white LED backlight.

Factory-calibrated to offer five internal lookup tables to include DICOM Part 14, the EX270W comes with nonreflective safety glass and a fully-encapsulated housing, earning the IP65 protection rating. With its modular design, the EX270W LCD monitor is intended as a “future-safe” platform that will evolve with advancing medical technology for changing environments and further integration into a wider system.

For more information about the RadiForce EX270W color LCD monitor, visit the Eizo website.