A company based in Jacksonville, Fla, has developed a UV sanitizer designed for use in hospitals. The Sky family of sanitizers from Seal Shield LLC reportedly kills 99.5% of pathogens within 30 seconds. The infection control system helps protect patients and practitioners from microbes transferred via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

“Mobile device hygiene is imperative in today’s pathogen rich environments. Sky was designed to be easy to use, and it can safely disinfect virtually any mobile device in under 30 seconds,” said Seal Shield CEO Brad Whitchurch.

The sanitizers rely on high-intensity, 254-nanometer UVC light to thoroughly disinfect a tablet or smart phone and achieve up to a 6 log reduction in pathogens such as MRSE, VRE, MDR-gram negative, Norovirus, and C. difficile. The Seal Shield Sky is available in 2 models, including the Sky 6Xi, featuring a horizontal orientation suitable for desktop applications, and the Sky 7Xi, featuring a vertical orientation that can be wall mounted or placed on a mobile cart.

For more information, visit the Seal Shield website.