I have just purchased a very used 1994-ish ATL 3500. It has five probes. When I power up the lights on the keyboard flash three times then stay on, fans work, lights on the first probe connection light up the probes, but only a pink screen appears, no user ultrasound screen.
I have been told it could be the hard drive or power supply. I removed the PC board and the hard drive is in place and all connections made. I intermittently hear what appears to sound like a hard drive or disk drive trying to read right after power up. I have hooked the machine up to my PCI port on my PC, but I can’t see any external hard drives. Any ideas on what is wrong with this machine? Thanks.

It could be one of few things,
1. Right above the isolation transformer there is a capacitor that might be out. You will find easy access to test this from the back of the unit.
2. The power supply. Check the test points on the front of the system in the PSM.
3. System CPU. Get the part number from the board.
4. Hard drive: SCSI hard drive, you need the model number for it.

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