I have a Philips Sonos 5500 that is being used for echo. Recently, one of the technologist complained that the images were looking grainy. I used a phantom to look at the images and I really couldn’t tell the difference between good images and grainy images. I got the tech over to look at the images taken on the phantom, and she couldn’t tell me if they looked grainy or not. She just said that she notices it while examining a patient.

Can you show me the difference between two images? One, grainy and one, clear Or, could you at least tell me what I need to be looking for as far as graininess is concerned?

The phantom should allow you to quantify the image quality on the Sonos 5500. A good image should show the different structures inside the phantom. You can check axial and lateral resolutions, low contrast detestability, system sensitivity, and image uniformity.

If you suspect that the system is defective, you can run the on-board diagnostics. Based on the error you get, a corrective action is needed. If this problem is intermittent, try to run the test whenever the problem is present.

A grainy image is an image that has low resolution without vivid transitions between tissues with different levels of contrast.

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